Solution for The smooth uniform rod AB is supported by a ball-and-socket joint at A, the wall at B, and cable BC. Determine the components of reaction at A, the…
Jul 08, 2019 · the length of A increases by 8 mm, then the increase in length of B is (a) 2 mm (b) 4 mm (c) 8 mm (d) 16 mm 24. A material has poisson’s ratio 0.50. If a uniform rod of it suffers a longitudinal strain of 2 × 10 –3, then the percentage change in volume is (a) 0.6 (b) 0.4 (c) 0.2 (d) Zero 25. The upper end of a wire of diameter 12mm and ...

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A uniform, horizontal, rigid shelf CD has a weight of 40 N and length 1.6 m. It is resting on two thin brackets A and B which are 0.4 m and 0.2 m respectively from C and D, as shown in the diagram above.
The figure above shows a uniform rod AB, of length 3 metres and of mass 20 kg , smoothly hinged at the point A, which lies on a vertical wall. A particle, of mass 10 kg , is suspended from the end B of the rod. The rod is kept in a horizontal position by a light inextensible string BC, where C lies on the same wall vertically above A.

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Apr 22, 2019 · A steel rod of length 2l, cross sectional area A and mass M is set rotating in a horizontal plane about an axis passing through the centre. If Y is the Young’s modulus for steel, find the extension in the length of the rod. (Assume the rod is uniform.) An equilateral triangle ABC is formed by two Cu rods AB and BC and one Al rod.
A 100-kg nonuniform boom that is 6.0 m long is loosely pinned at the pivot at P. A 600-kg concrete block is suspended from the end of the boom at A, as shown in the figure. The boom forms a 30° angle above the horizontal, and is supported by a 4.0-m cable between points D and B. Point B is 4.0 m from P, and point D is 4.0 m above P.

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Jul 03, 2014 · A thin, cylindrical rod = 20.4 cm long with a mass m = 1.20 kg has a ball of diameter d = 6.00 cm and mass M = 2.00 kg attached to one end. The arrangement is originally vertical and stationary, with the ball at the top as shown in the figure below. The combination is free to pivot about the bottom end of the rod after being given a slight nudge.
1. One end of a uniform 7.0 m long rod of weight w is supported by a cable. The other end rests against the wall, where it is held by friction. The coefficient of static friction between the wall and the rod is s = 0:50. Determine the minimum distance, x, from point A at which an additional weight w (the same as the weight of the rod)

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A block of mass 3 kg slides down an inclined plane at an angle of [latex]45^\circ[/latex] with a massless tether attached to a pulley with mass 1 kg and radius 0.5 m at the top of the incline (see the following figure). The pulley can be approximated as a disk. The coefficient of kinetic friction on the plane is 0.4.

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